Beit Avi Chai Virtual Tours in English

Beit Avi Chai Virtual Tours in English

tour guide Ami Braun

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האירוע התקיים בתאריך 22.11.20

Join Israeli tour guide Ami Braun on virtual tours of Israel: from ancient and contemporary technology that provide Israel with critically needed water – to the battlefields that led to the Maccabean victory on Chanukah!


  *Water in Ancient Times

Join us on a virtual tour around Jerusalem to see the ancient technology that brought water to Jerusalem and the ancient archaeology of water that came to life in Megiddo, Masada and Herodium

Sunday I Nov 22 I 8pm Israel (1pm EST)


*Water in Modern Day Israel

Join us on a virtual tour following the evolution of water technology, one of the Zionist movements' critical needs in a water-starved region.
We meet Simcha Blass, and others, witnessing the creation of critically needed water supply across the land.


Sunday I Nov. 29 I 8pm (1pm EST)



Join us on a virtual tour of where the dramatic events of Hanukkah and The Maccabees unfold. We will visit the sites of the battles and victories, bringing the story of Hanukkah to life with a new understanding and appreciation.


Sunday I Dec. 6 I 8pm Israel (1pm EST


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