Stage One- Amateur English Theater Festival

Stage One
Amateur English Theater Festival, Jerusalem, Passover, 2010
פסטיבל תיאטרון חובבים באנגלית

March 31– April 2, 2010

Jerusalem is home to many English-language theater groups, run by volunteers whose immigrant pasts allow for a unique commentary on local issues and identity. During Passover, Beit Avi Chai in collaboration with Merkaz Hamagshimim Hadassah will spotlight this thriving subculture through three days that showcase the finest English-language drama Jerusalem has to offer.

Artistic Director of the Festival: Rafi Poch
Special Festival price: a third (full rate) ticket for 50%.  - to purchase the special ticket contact the ticket office at 02-6215900.

Please note: some of the plays/acts take place more than once.


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