Parshat Mishpatim: Law and Violence

הכרטיסים אזלו

“Axe for the frozen sea within us”

We will discuss the complex relations between justice and mercy in the first body of laws from Sinai. The world of violence lies not only outside us but between us and within us. How is our understanding of law affected by Torah’s use of case-histories?

Tuesday February 14th 6pm (11am EST)



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In this series we will explore poetic dimensions of the weekly Parsha. What is the quality in the language of the Torah that elicits creative readings, from the time of the Sages to our day? Midrashic and Hassidic readings direct us back to their source in the biblical text and to its power to inspire human depth and religious faith.


Admission: 20NIS per session | Free Webinar




עוד בבית אבי חי