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A study of Bialik’s poems of yearning for the land of Israel along with his pain and longing for the world he had to abandon on his way to Zionism and enlightenment.


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H.N Bialik has become known as Israel’s National Poet. However, Bialik only spent the last ten years of his life in the land of Israel. His death in 1934 prevented him from being a witness to the Holocaust and Israel’s Declaration of Independence. Without these experiences, how could he be the national poet?

 This series will focus on this question. Through the study of his writings, we will learn that Bialik earned the title by writing poetry that created the voice of Zionism and the revival of the Hebrew language and understand how H.N. Bialik managed to be the voice of lamentation for the destruction of European Jewry while writing poetry that continues to have relevance in our time

עוד בבית אבי חי