Parashat Behar – The Order of Intimacy

Wednesday | May 11 | 6pm (11am EDT) | CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


Two orders of experience: the 6-day/ 6-year, world is set against the Shabbat/ Shemitta world; two ways of living time; the order of things and the order of intimacy.






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We will read the book of Leviticus as a text haunted by the catastrophe of the Golden Calf.

In this book of order and holiness, we will trace the post-traumatic presence of the idol that disrupted the Revelation at Sinai. Rather than being simply a regrettable episode of the past, the Golden Calf becomes an essential element in the story. This is the crisis whose effects are to remain diffused through the generations. Veiled in the text of Leviticus and revealed in the midrash, the troubling continuity of the Calf acts a reminder of the dynamic role played by failure and loss in a richer human history.

תגיות: Aviva Zornberg

עוד בבית אבי חי