Stage One #2 - Jeremy Saltan

מתוך: Stage One #2

Stand-Up: Jeremy Saltan
Known as the 'Political Man of Comedy' due to his legislative work in the Knesset, Jeremy's stand up show is not one of your average stand-up performances. In his routine, he tells many personal stories about his aliyah from Chicago to Bet Shemesh, his army service, the daily troubles of Israeli life, his religious lifestyle and the inside of Israeli politics.
Jeremy is co-owner of Jerusalem’s 'Off The Wall' Comedy Basement and a house comedian. He also covers the Knesset’s legislative activity for the English speaking public at

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Stage One #2
Amateur English Theater Festival

Jerusalem, Passover, 2011
פסטיבל תיאטרון חובבים באנגלית

April 20-22, 2011

During Passover 2011, Beit Avi Chai, in collaboration with Merkaz Hamagshimim Hadassah, is devoting three days to the very best of Jerusalem English-language Theater, shining a spotlight on this thriving subculture while offering a unique perspective on issues of identity and culture from both the local and international perspectives.

Artistic Director of the Festival: Rafi Poch
Produced by: Tamar Akov

Theater: 50 NIS, students: 20 NIS
Stand-Up: 30 NIS, students: 20 NIS
Music: admission free, subject to available space
Special Festival price-packages:
Two tickets for two different shows for 80 NIS (instead of 100 NIS)
One play + one stand-up comedy show for 60 NIS (instead of 80 NIS)

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