Israel: Risky Business or Sound Investment ? [אנגלית]
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רב-שיח שהתקיים באנגלית בבית אבי חי - 18.2.18

Michael Eisenberg is a key figure in Israel’s high tech world. A highly successful venture capitalist, Michael is also the author of The Vanishing Jew, in which he analyzes and details unexpected and tragic consequences in the Book of Esther.
Join Michael as he speaks with Rabbi Benny Lau on start-ups, scholarship, life choices, venture capital, the message of Purim and investing in Israel.
Moderated by Matthew Kalman of the Times of Israel.
Introduction: Dr. David Rozenson Executive Director of Beit Avi Chai.

מתוך האירוע "Israel: Risky Business or Sound Investment ? ", שהתקיים בתאריך 18.2.18
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