מתוך: Stage One #4

Playwright: Hadar Galron with the ensemble

Director: Hadar Galron

Actors: Nufar Hurvit, Moran Zafrani, May Shrim / Sheli Kira, Yael Nachum / Tali Bik, Heleny Dagan, Gili Perri / Algom Cohen, Vita Holodny, Barak Hudrian

 In this amazing era, when one can reach the other side of the globe within a few hours, it still takes 9 months to bring a child to the world! IMAMA, a comic drama, brings to the stage the double-life of modern mothers, without forgetting the father, who nowadays often finds himself in the role of Mommy...

 Wednesday | March 27th | 21:00

Tickets: 50 NIS, Students: 20 NIS

For the 4th year in a row, Beit Avi Chai is proud to present "Stage one – English speaking Theater Festival". The festival spotlights the thriving subculture of Israel's English –language theater groups. For three days during Passover 2013, we will showcase the finest local and non – local English-language drama and music ensembles.
Artistic Director of the Festival: Rafael Poch
Produced by: Tamar Akov

ExhibitionReap in Joy

The Harvest Festivals on Kibbutz /about tradition, regeneration, and the place of the Kibbutz in the Israeli Ethos. During the festival - tours of the exhibition will be held in English. 

Tours of the Exhibition

Wednesday, March  27, 4:30 PM

Friday, March  29, 10:30 AM

Entrance free of admission

Guide: Rachel Afarsemon

עוד בבית אבי חי