Kafka’s Last Trial

The story of Kafka’s life is related against a fascinating description of the court case in Israel in which opposing sides battled for Kafka’s last wish and, ultimately, for his legacy.

Sami Rohr Prize Laureate Matti Friedman discusses the Kafka’s life and the battles of those who believed to be his rightful heirs with author Benjamin Balint.

Sunday I Jan. 10 I 8pm ( 1pm EST)


Spies of no Country
Sami Rohr Prize Laureate Benjamin Balint in a discussion with author Matti Friedman
Thursday I Dec. 3 I 8pm ( 1pm EST)
Kafka’s Last Trial
Matti Friedman discusses with author Benjamin Balint
Sunday I Jan. 10 I 8pm ( 1pm EST)

עוד בבית אבי חי