New ideologies of Biblical Criticism, Zionism and Beyond

The 20th century saw new ideologies and institutional developments that had a strong
impact on the way in which Jews studied the Bible. In what different ways did Zionism have an impact on Jewish biblical criticism? How did the situation change when Jewish biblical scholars first began to teach at secular American universities? Where do today's different secular and religious communities stand?

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Jewish scholars grappled with biblical criticism from soon after it was developed by Catholic and Protestant scholars in the 17th and 18th centuries. For some, it is fundamentally incompatible with Judaism, others have adopted it wholeheartedly, while still others have tried to develop a type of distinctively Jewish biblical criticism. 

This series explores the range of Jewish attitudes toward biblical criticism at different times in Europe, the United States and Israel by exploring the thought of a diverse range of rabbis, thinkers, scholars, academics, and educators.

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