Transmitting to the Next Generation Beit Avi Chai’s Tikun L’eil Shavuot

Motzei Shabbat (Saturday night) 6th Sivan, 5782/ June 4, 2022
11pm – 4am





"Moses received the Torah at Sinai and transmitted it to Joshua, Joshua to the Elders,
the Elders to the Prophets…(Avot 1:1)

The Torah, Jewish Tradition, and Jewish culture have been passed down from generation to generation - from parents to children, from teachers to students, from leaders to their followers - in a process in which layers of knowledge, outlook and way of life were absorbed and celebrated.

As part of the conversations and study on Shavuot night, we will study ways in which the Jewish cultural treasures of the Jewish people unfolded over the generations and reflected in Jewish sources, in history, literature and more.

The Shavuot night English program includes:

12:15am – 1:15am

Dr. Avivah Zornberg, Noted Torah scholar and author

Choosing an Ancestor: The Strange History of a Stranger

** Please respect the lecturer by wearing a facemask

1:30am – 2:30am

Prof. Elisha Baumgarten, researcher of Jewish History, Hebrew University

Storytelling, Education and Communal Expectations:
How did Girls and Boys Education Differ in Medieval Ashkenaz?

Free entrance, based on availability

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