Iraq and Yemen

Sunday | June 12 |8pm (1pm EDT) | CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


The “Jews of the Middle East” series has garnered hundreds of thousands of views in the Arab world, mostly of Muslims who reminisce about their Jewish neighbors with nostalgia. This session focuses on ancient communities of Iraq and Yemen, with video excerpts of Jews describing their lives there and the ‘People of the Book’ online initiative.




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Jewish communities which thrived for millennia in the Middle East and North Africa are today on the verge of extinction. These lectures will follow the project “Jews of the Middle East,” a series of oral history videos in Arabic documenting the personal stories of Jews who left their countries of origin. We will examine the diverse experiences, and discuss the diverse experience of Jewish communities in Arabic-speaking lands.


With Elhanan Miller, journalist and Middle East specialist.


עוד בבית אבי חי