The Last Conversation


Varda Pomerantz was the Head of the Casualties Department in the IDF, which notifies families of the worst of all tragedies. She always knew that one day she would be on the other side. In Operation Protective Edge, it happened.

In memory of Daniel Pomerantz


Daniel was born in 1993 to Avi and Varda Pomerantz (a colonel in the reserves, formerly the Head of the Casualties Department in the IDF) and was the younger brother of Elad, Lior and Nimrod. 

Daniel had a special connection to his brother Nimrod. When he was little, Nimrod would tell his mother what Daniel wants – he would translate for him. They had an understanding between them. Already at the age of three, in the preschool’s yearbook, the teacher described him as follows: “He is always surrounded by admirers and friends. He quickly learns the rules of a game and is always at the center of attention.”

Daniel loved to care for animals. In his genealogy project, he wrote that when he moved to Kfar Azar from Yavne when he was five, the family brought with it all of the animals to the new house. Daniel thought that perhaps he can invent a symbol for the family that would be connected to animals because he was constantly reminded of animals that were with him from the day he was born. 


Daniel Z"l


During school vacations, he would organize his brothers in setting up a café that would host the residents of Kfar Azar. Daniel was the waiter and his brothers got several of their friends involved and divided up roles between them according to what suited each of them. Daniel and his brothers wanted to work so as not to have to ask their parents for money, because “money doesn’t grow on trees.” They had plans for expanding the premises. 

Daniel joined Golani and later was sent to the platoon leader course and became a commander. Before going into Gaza, he spoke with his mother and she recorded the conversation without him knowing. She felt that this was going to be the last conversation. Daniel was killed in the APC disaster in Operation Protective Edge. Varda played the awful recording at Daniel’s funeral. 


Varda Pomerantz, mother of Daniel Pomerantz z"l and the Head of the Casualties Department in the IDF, would notify families of tragedy. She always knew that one day she would be on the other side. In Operation Protective Edge, it happened. 


In his last letter, Daniel left a request (a part that was not read out at the funeral): “I want to be memorialized in a unique way. I want there to be a party every year on the Southern Cliff Beach, and everyone should come and celebrate. It will be a party and everyone will celebrate – you too.” And indeed, on the last two of his birthdays there has been a party on the beach in his memory.


Daniel Z"l


Comments by Lirit Topaz of Neko Productions, the producer of “The Last Conversation”:

This is the fourth clip that we are producing for Beit Avi Chai in memory of a fallen soldier and every year the story gets deep inside us. 

When we were asked to make the clip about Daniel Pomerantz, I didn’t think twice. I felt like this is something that we need to do – as a calling, as a project of the soul. If we are able to use our abilities and resources in order to convey this tragic story and to preserve Daniel’s memory, then that is a great privilege. 

“The Last Conversation” is an interweaving of various aspects of Daniel’s life – the main events in his adolescence and in his development – with that of Varda his mother, the Head of the Casualties Department in the IDF, who as part of her job notifies families of the worst of all tragedies – the death of their love one. 

The parallel lines of their lives eventually become one single line – when Varda becomes the one to notify the person who is meant to notify her. 


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