Danny and the Cobbler



When he was in Grade 1, Danny used to visit an old and frail cobbler every day. When he was killed in the Yom Kippur War, the cobber made a surprise visit to express his condolence. Tal Cohen, the creator of the memorial clip, says that she chose to convey this story without words and from the viewpoint of each of the characters. 

In memory of Danny Teichler - 29th of Adar 5713 (March 16, 1953) – 12th of Tishrei 5734 (October 8, 1973)


Danny was a naughty little boy who you had to run after all the time and watch every minute. On his first day in kindergarten, he told his mother, who was accompanying him, “Tomorrow, I’m going alone.” And from that point onward, he didn’t let anyone accompany him. A few weeks later, his mother noticed that Danny was coming home late every day from kindergarten. After she checked things out, she discovered that her son had decided to visit an old and frail cobbler who lives alone in the neighborhood. She was angry at Danny and demanded that he come straight home. “But Mum, the cobbler is so lonely,” he begged her. “He sits alone all day.” He continued to visit the cobber and the two developed a special friendship. Danny was killed in the Yom Kippur War at the age of 21. Among the visitors who came to console the family was the old cobbler who the mother hardly knew.


Danny Teichler z"l


Many things were recounted about Danny after his death, but his most prominent trait, which was mentioned again and again, was giving to others. During the school vacation, he volunteered to help out at the Magen David Adom station in Jerusalem and even did a first aid course. He visited the sick even after he was no longer at the station, whether in the hospital or at their homes. He established deep friendships with them and would visit them even after they had recovered. 

Danny joined the army at the beginning of February 1972. He asked to join the Medical Corps as a medic, but instead was sent to the Armored Corps. He was an excellent gunner and was responsible and dedicated to his job. His pleasant demeanor and patience were an example to his friends. He didn’t care much for discipline but he demanded precise execution. For his part in operational activities he was awarded the Operational Service Badge. 


When he was in Grade 1, Danny Teichler z”l would visit an old and frail shoemaker. When he was killed in the Yom Kippur War, the shoemaker unexpectedly showed up to pay his condolences. Judy Abramson (Teichler) describes Danny as a child and the feelings of longing and missed opportunities. 


When the Yom Kippur War broke out, his unit was sent to the Sinai front and he fought in the defensive battles against the Egyptians. On the 12th of Tishri 5734 (October 8, 1973) Danny was killed in the Central Sector, in the Nozel outpost. His tank was hit by a missile and he was killed on the spot.  At first, he was considered to be missing in action, but his body was eventually located. On the 20th of Adar 5734 (March 14, 1974) he was buried in the cemetery on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. He left behind a father, a mother and three sisters. In a letter of condolence to the bereaved family, his commander wrote: “Danny z”l was a dedicated and reliable soldier. He fought with bravery and carried out his orders with courage and a recognition of the calling that he was answering.”

A Story without Words

Tal Cohen, the creator of the memorial clip: The special connection between Danny Teichler and the old and frail cobbler moved me greatly. The clip describes their meeting and the friendship that formed between them over the years, as well as the surprising condolence visit by the old cobbler who his mother hardly knew. I tried to convey the story almost without words, from the point of view of Danny, his mother and the cobbler. 

In choosing the style, I tried to create an illustration-like atmosphere that represents a child’s naiveté. I was grateful for the privilege to create a clip that uses animation to memorialize a family memory of one of the IDF fallen – a memory that is taken from real life.    


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מישהו: לירז צ'רכי
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