Computers, comics and music were the great loves of Yaron Blum who was killed in the terror attack at Beit Lid in 1995. A day before he was killed he met with his friends for one last rehearsal.

Silent Waters Run Deep

Yaron Blum, for whom computers were the center of his life, dreamed of being part of the supercomputer project at the Hebrew University, but instead was killed in the terror attack at Beit Lid. 
10th of Tishrei 5735 (September 25, 1974) – 21st of Shevet 5755 (January 22nd, 1995)

In memory of Yaron Blum

Yaron Blum’s great love was computers. From the age of 9, after his parents gave him his first computer—a Sinclair—he devoted most his time and his talents to computers. He learned computing on his own and during Grade 12 he even worked for a software company. At first, he worked on decoding viruses but when his employers understood his abilities, they moved him to advancing programming.


Yaron Blum z"l


Over the years, Yaron took an interest in a variety of areas: from chemistry, aerodynamics and electronics to photography, music and drawing comics. He loved to play music with a group of his good friends, who were also addicted to computers, loved music and read science fiction. His friends describe him with the phrase “Silent waters run deep” and even though he didn’t talk a lot, you felt that he was a true friend, something that is rare to find. 

In November 1994, Yaron joined the army and at the end of basic training was assigned to the Maintenance Corps.
He was sent on a Maintenance commander course, received the rank of Corporal and became the commander in charge of maintenance at the Paratroopers’ maintenance base in the West Bank. He was disappointed with the position he received since he had hoped to use his computing skills in order to contribute to the army. Nonetheless, he was dedicated to his job in the base’s armory and took the initiative to computerize it. According to his commander, Yaron was a disciplined and dedicated soldier. During his military service he continued to study in the Open University and planned to become part of the Hebrew University’s supercomputer project after his release from the army, while at the same time completing his studies. 

Yaron was killed in the terror attack at the Sharon Junction (Beit Lid), together with 21 other soldiers and one civilian. He was buried in the military cemetery on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. He left behind parents, Efrat his sister, and Noam his brother. He was 20 years old when he was killed.
He was posthumously given the rank of Staff Sargent.
The Beauty in Small Moments

“Strings” describes the first and last rehearsal of Yaron Blum with his friends Eitan and Dudu, a day before he was killed in the terror attack at the Beit Lid Junction. Daniella Kopler and Eitan Shefer describe the process of creating the clip. 
Every moment with someone can be your last. A very short memory can become a foundational memory. Yaron and Eitan met each other through common friends. Both of them were interested in computers and technology and over time they discovered other things they had in common, such as a love of music. Yaron and Dudu met only once. 
The clip describes the first and last rehearsal of Yaron with Eitan and Dudu, which took place on January 21st, 1995, a day before Yaron was killed in the terror attack at Beit Lid. Dudu recounts that this was an encounter between musicians that play together and create a closeness that is to be found in the interaction between musicians and the notes. 


Yaron Blum z"l


In producing the clip, we tried to find the beauty in the small fragile moments: tuning the instruments, playing a familiar song, the ride home. We tried to describe the moments that were left to them by a person who could have been a close friend who understands them, even without words, but rather just with a glance, a smile and some music.


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