A Face. The Day. A Memory




 Diaspora Education


In these challenging times, when face-to-face meetings between friends, extended families and community members are not possible,

A Face. The Day. A Memory seeks to strengthen the bond between Israel and Jewish communities around the globe by bringing the unique stories of those whom we have lost as the link that can help bring us closer together.

In preparation to Yom Hazikaron Beit Avi Chai is working to create diverse set of guides for teachers and community leaders that are appropriate for interactive programs for youth. Each guide includes introductory and follow-up questions, points for discussion and additional ideas to generate substantive and engaging conversations among the participants.

These guides are pilot materials that are being tested this year.


For more information -  remember.edu@avichai.org.il


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Dream and Reality


Personal Memories and The Collective Memories of a Nation































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