Talmudic Sages Confront the World
Talmudic Sages Confront the World
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המופע התקיים בתאריך
Talmudic Sages Confront the World

Talmudic Sages Confront the World

Indiana Jones and the Sages

2. Indiana Jones and the Sages:  Were the Talmudic Rabbis also Archaeologists?

Like archaeologists, the sages appear to be involved in the search for ancient artifacts and sites. Did this render them "archaeologists" and what were the other interests that motivated them to undertake such pursuits?


Wednesday I October 21st I 8pm 


Prof. Isaiah Gafni, The Sol Rosenbloom Professor Emeritus of Jewish History, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


The program will take place in English. Entrance is free,
subject to availability. Tickets may be reserved three days in advance at
the BEIT AVI CHAI box office.


* Each session is based on sources that are
to be read and analyzed

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