For Yom Ha'atzmaut: Ori Harpaz Revisits Israeli Musical classics

May 09, 2024

We are in the midst of a difficult period, and it is not clear how we are supposed to mark Independence Day this year, when no one feels especially celebratory. However, since the very first Yom Ha'atzmaut, the joy of our Day of Independence has always been mixed with the sombre remembrance of Memorial Day that precedes it. The two have always been intertwined, and we believe that the best way to walk along this thin line between sorrow and joy is through music. In the aftermath of the tragic events of October 7, music has emerged as a powerful tool for healing and expression and it might help us reconnect with the spirit of Yom Ha'atzmaut, even when it doesn’t come easy.


On this Independence Day, we choose to return to a special online show, produced during the stay-at-home days of COVID, in which guitarist, singer, composer and musical arranger Ori Harpaz from folk duo Haparvarim performed the most beloved classics of what is known as Zemer Ivri – Hebrew sing-along music. Just like back then, now too we feel the need to go back to basics and reconnect with the songs that are an integral part of our national identity.

Main photo: Ilana Berger Harpaz / Wikipedia

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