Song of Hope - Educational Guides

From ancient times and to the present day, Israeli music has always been intertwined with the nation's identity. When we run out of words, we turn to songs that touch our souls and speak for us when we need it most. As we commemorate Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzmaut, music sets the tone, reflecting first the somber remembrance and then the celebratory spirit.

In the aftermath of the tragic events of October 7, music has emerged as a powerful tool for healing and expression. In Beit Avi Chai’s new online series, Shir Tikva, which means ‘Song of Hope’, Israeli composers and musicians share their performance of songs that have become part of their personal soundtrack, providing comfort and inspiration during these difficult days of war and trauma.
As we approach Israel’s national holidays this year, we strive to create meaningful spaces for our students and for ourselves to explore the world we now find ourselves in. This educator's guide is intended as a resource for teachers to help their students process this new reality in ways that are accessible and profound.

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