Beit Avi Chai (a registered association), founded by the Avi Chai Foundation in 2007, is a Jerusalem-based centre for Jewish and Israeli culture. Beit Avi Chai focuses on developing and producing original content with the aim of introducing the audience to the Jewish-Israeli thought and culture in all their rich variety.


Every month Beit Avi Chai holds dozens of multidisciplinary events, festivals and educational programs, which operate both from the Beit Avi Chai building in Jerusalem and in the virtual space. Together these bring the unique Beit Avi Chai content to hundreds of thousands of participants in Israel and throughout the Jewish world.


Beit Avi Chai strives for excellence in both the quality of the content and the quality of the production, and endeavours to create a unique cultural and educational experience through original content formats such as lectures, performances, workshops, exhibitions, creative incubators, podcasts, network series and various staged events for adults, youth and children.


Beit Avi Chai focuses on the creation of independent and original content developed at the initiative of its content team and does not purchase content uploaded or developed elsewhere. It also does not rent out its spaces for the benefit of other institutions or private events. However, Beit Avi Chai creates content in collaboration with a selection of leading cultural and educational institutions in Israel and around the world.


On the Beit Avi Chai website you can watch, listen to and read materials from the rich Beit Avi Chai archive, as well as stay up to date with the current Beit Avi Chai events.


See you at Beit Avi Chai!

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