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Established by the AVI CHAI Foundation in 2007 and housed in a beautiful purpose-built facility in the heart of Jerusalem, Beit Avi Chai focuses on creating, developing and producing original Jewish content with the aim of introducing wide and diverse audiences to Jewish-Israeli culture and ideas in Israel and around the world - and engaging reached audiences to actively take part in Jewish/Israeli cultural study and activity.

Striving for excellence both in quality and range, on a monthly basis, Beit Avi Chai offers more than 50 in-person and online programs that reach hundreds of thousands of participants. Inter alia, Beit Avi Chai's original programs, all of which are created by Beit Avi Chai's content team and in which Israel's leading educators and cultural personalities take part, include presentations, lectures, performances, workshops, exhibitions, creative incubators, podcasts, digital series and festivals on Jewish themes for adults, youth, children and the IDF.

In approaching our work, Beit Avi Chai does not accept grant proposals and our facilities are not available for rent. In addition, Beit Avi Chai does not purchase content created elsewhere; all of our content is developed at the initiative of our content team, at times in collaboration with cultural and educational institutions in Israel and abroad.


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