HaHafuch - Improvisation Theatre
Stage One- Amateur English Theater Festival
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המופע התקיים בתאריך
Stage One- Amateur English Theater Festival

HaHafuch - Improvisation Theatre

HaHaפuch - Improvisation Theatre

an improv and comedy sketch group

Israel is not just a warzone like many see on TV. There is a world of top technology, start ups and crazy innovations and a culture full of really great tasting food, extremely attractive people and age-old traditions…and Tel Aviv.
Our comedy troupe provides the other side of Israeli life, the daily dramas of bureaucracy, cafes, traffic jams, political troubles and more. And we do it through humor using improv, sketches, videos and music to let the world know that it’s ok to laugh at Israel and in fact there are a lot of funny things happening here. Remember, Israel is funny. And if you don’t think so then you haven’t seen our show.

Benji Lovitt
Shira Katz
Molly Livingstone
Anne Lewis
Aaron Friedman
Janne Bjerkholt

Length:1 hour

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