In the aftermath of the destruction a wide-ranging  restructuring of Jewish religious leadership came into effect. Decisions relating to the intercalation of the Jewish calendar, as well as the need to establish a recognized legal body empowered with the authority to rule on a broad range of legal questions previously addressed in Jerusalem, now required a new authoritative center. Determining the nature of that "center”, its location and composition, will be addressed in this session.


 Sunday | Dec 31 | 7pm (12pm EST)

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The destruction of the Second Temple left its traumatic mark on two distinct areas of Jewish life. The loss of Judaism's religious center clearly represents the outstanding emotional blow to the nation. However, this was also accompanied by the destruction of the practical frameworks of Jewish life and authority structures that regulated Jewish behavior on a daily basis.  Both of these voids required immediate spiritual and practical solutions, with innovative steps taken by Jewish leaders and ultimately embraced by much of the nation.

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