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Elites: The Social History of Rehavia and Talbiya

 Empires may fall slowly, but elites seem to sink with breathtaking speed. A turbulent city like Jerusalem has seen an endless succession of them – Christian Arabs, Muslim Palestinians, Armenians, Greeks, Brits, Austro-Hungarians, Yekkes, Mapainiks, religious Zionists, national Haredi – all had had their turn in ruling over the city. A close look may reveal the elites' "game of thrones" in a single neighborhood, quarter, and sometimes even building.


In a walking tour tracing the social history of Rehavia and Talbiya, we will get acquainted with the elites of Jerusalem, and hear about those who kept playing tennis, drinking cognac and cuddling their poodle when the city was in flames.


Dr. Marik Stern is an urban-political geographer, whose research interests span cities in conflict, inter-group relationships, and modern Jerusalem.


Tours leave from Beit Avi Chai and are approx. 80 minutes long | Free, with advance registration on the Beit Avi Chai website


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