An Old-New Land: Theodor Herzl – The Man and the Vision After October 7

How would the man who dreamed of a safe home for the Jewish people in Eretz Israel react to the tragedy of October 7?


Join author Matti Friedman and news anchor Tamar Ish Shalom in a special presentation about the enigmatic character of Theodor Herzl.


Using his writing and rare archival footage, they reflect on his vision and discuss the gap between that vision and reality.


"Dreams and actions are not so different as usually thought", Herzl wrote, "as all actions of men are founded upon dreams…."


Herzl died at 44, having spent the last years of his short life trying to turn an unlikely idea into reality. He convened Zionist Congresses, wrote articles and books, and traveled the world to meet generals, politicians, and emperors. He created a global movement and earned both detractors who saw him as delusional and fervent supporters who saw him as a Messiah. We live in the country he imagined. But would he recognize it?


* The seats in the auditorium are not marked and will be allocated depending on availability

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