The 10th Piyut Festival

September 24, 2017


The 10th Piyut Festival celebrates the new generation of Piyut music and musicians. Leading performers and new voices join to create a unique journey filled with Jewish/Israeli music, tradition, prayer, identity and culture.


Artistic Direction: Yair Harel


Piyut in the 21st Century

The magnificent ancient Hebrew poetry of Solomon Ibn Gabirol comes alive in the 21st Century.

Shuli Rand, Rabbi Haim Louk, Micha Shitrit, Shai Tsabari,Haviva Pedaya and Bacol Serlui.
Musical Direction/Arrangements: Rea Mochiach

Sunday | September 24th | 8:00 PM




Peretz Eliyahu presents original musical interpretations of ancient scriptures and wisdom.
he Peretz Eliyahu Ensemble, Mark Eliyahu, Rabbi David Menachem and Lubana Salama

Monday | September 25th | 9:00 PM



Piyut in Israeli Maqam

The Hiba Orchestra with a tribute to contemporary composers
Mor Karbasi, Morin Nehadar, Neta Elkayam, Inbal Djamshid
Musical Direction: Elad Gabay


Tuesday | September 26th | 8:00 PM



Hassidut in the Middle East

Naor Carmi and Chilik Frank and their Hassidic/Gypsy/Middle East band reveal new and beloved Hassidic sounds.
With guest Shlomo Gronich


Wednesday | September 27th | 8:00 PM



Of Praise and Thanksgiving

Ravid Kahalani and Omer Avital in an original performance of Hallel with guest performers.


Thursday | September 28th | 9:00 PM


“To Rise and to Sing” – Indi Piyut

Talia Alaev, Shalom Gad, Neomi Hashmonay, Yehu Yaron, Shani Peleg
Artistic Direction: Shira Z. Carmel


Sunday | September 24th | 10:30 PM



The Creator and the Created

In memory of composer and musicologist André Hajdu
The Oman Chai Ensemble
, Shem-Tov Levi, Rabbi Daniel Epstein and others

Monday | September 25th | 7:00 PM


The Paytan Hidden from the Eye

Performed by Kehilot Sharot
Artistic Direction: Maimon Meni Cohen


Tuesday | September 26th | 10:00 PM


Admission free, subject to availability



Broken Prayers

Leonard Cohen’s World of Prayer
Avraham Cohen, Yankele Segal, Roni Ivrin, Shlomo Oz and others


Wednesday | September 27th | 10:00 PM



Yearnings for Yerusalem

Prayers of Ethiopian Jewry meet the Hebrew language Spiritual leaders and artists from Israel's Ethiopian community


Thursday | September 28th | 7:00 pm


Details and ticket purchase: or 02-6215900

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