Interspecies mixing includes mixed weaving of cloth, plowing with two kinds of animals, and sowing different kinds of seeds together. In this session we consider the implications of the prohibition against such mixing, the restrictions on grafted plants and genetic engineering, and religious distinctions between those who can and cannot use the fruits and vegetables resulting from kilayim


In English | Sunday | Jan 21 | 7pm (12pm EST)

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According to Jewish tradition, there is a unique relationship between the People of Israel and the Land of Israel. As part of this connection, there is a set of land-related mitzvot – mitzvot ha'tluyot ba'aretz – which deal mostly with agriculture. In our series, we will study the development of these commandments and their impact on modern day agriculture in Israel.



Boundaries of Holiness

In English | Sunday | Jan 7 | 7pm (12pm EST)


In English | Sunday | Jan 14 | 7pm (12pm EST)


In English | Sunday | Jan 21 | 7pm (12pm EST)


In English | Sunday | Jan 28 | 7pm (12pm EST)

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