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Which Sukkah would you like to sit in? BEIT AVI CHAI and the Devorah Foundation invite you, groups and individual artists, to show the world your interpretation of the twenty-first century sukkah

The Resrve Duty Sukkah, the 2010 Sukka design contest

This is the fifth year of the annual model sukkah contest with prizes.

The contest has two parallel tracks: the community track is for groups representing institutions and organizations, while the open track is for artists in all fields.

What’s the idea?

To design a model sukkah that expresses some idea, social statement, opinion, and/or aspiration.

What do I have to do?

Build a model sukkah’s with maximum dimensions of 40 ´ 40 ´ 40 cm

The model sukkah can be made of any material, as long as it withstands reasonable handling. The materials used to make the sukkah do not have to be appropriate for building a full-size sukkah.

Where can I get ideas?

Sukkariage, the 2010 Sukkah design contest

Entrants who register early can take part in preparatory workshops before they design their model sukkah.

In addition, you can take a look at the catalogues of previous contests.

2010 Catalogue

2009 Catalogue

What are the Prizes?

The community track is for groups that represent organizations and institutions. The prizes are intended to finance a group project.

First prize: NIS 6,000

Second prize: NIS 4,000

In the open track, intended for artists in all fields, individual prizes are awarded.

From Slavery To Freedom, the 2010 Sukkah design contest
First prize: NIS 3,000

Second prize: NIS 2,000

How do I register?

Fill out the contest registration form. Click here to download the registration form.

Send the completed form to:

Where will the models be displayed?

Selected models from both tracks will be part of a gala exhibition during Chol Hamo’ed Sukkot in the BEIT AVI CHAI courtyard.

What is the deadline for submitting my model sukkah?

In The Shadow Of Faith, the 2010 Sukkah design contest

The last date to submit your model sukkah is October 3, 2011.

Additional Forms

Click here to download the registration form.

Click here to download the rules and regulations.

Click here to download the submission form.

For questions and additional information:

 Sukka Talk

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