About The Project
יום הזיכרון - פרויקט פנים יום זיכרון
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יום הזיכרון - פרויקט פנים יום זיכרון

About The Project

The Int. Remembrance day project aims to utilize current technologies in order to bring fragments of memory to life and to share them with everyone, based on the belief that memories are meaningful more than one day a year.

A Face. The Day. A Memorial  is an online
commemorative project. Beit Avi Chai (Jerusalem) initiated the
project in which animation artists create unique memorial stories
of Israeli soldiers and victims of terror.
Recognizing the importance of Yom Hazikaron in Israeli society, Beit Avi
Chai identified the need to create a meaningful project that could impart
personal messages and tributes in a way that speaks to all Israelis,
connecting with thousands of people through the internet.
Yom Hazikaron is often a complex ceremony to program outside of Israel.
Local Israelis abroad often feel the need to share their unique feelings
while also questioning whether non-Israelis can fully understand these
sentiments. Non-Israelis tend to feel the need to participate in the
ceremony and identify fully, whilst at the same time feel emotionally
detached or even alienated. It is a highly-charged day.


You're invited to join us on a journey through our personal-collective memories, one picture after another. http://www.youtube.com/user/beitavichaivideo?feature=mhee

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