Doctor Jazz Band
Stage One- Amateur English Theater Festival
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המופע התקיים בתאריך
Stage One- Amateur English Theater Festival

Doctor Jazz Band

Doctor Jazz Band

Dr. Jazz’s groove is Classic Dixieland. This style of music is from the streets, steamers and ball rooms of New Orleans at the beginning of the last century. Dixieland is a simple music style, upbeat, and easy to relate to. Some say that this is the happiest style of music in the world, and Dr. Jazz is ecstatically happy to play it. Dr. Jazz performs utilizing authentic acoustic tools, such as Banjo, Tuba, Trombone, Trumpet, Saxophone, Washboard and a Kazoo, and will provide you with the best jazz pieces from the history of Jazz.

“Our goal is to make everybody happy: most of the people are happy when we play and the rest are happy when we are done playing!”

Musical composition:
Elazar (Larry) Brandt - Trombone, Trumpet and vocals
Shimi (Panza) Gilad - Banjo, Kazoo and vocals
Miroslav Fishman - Saxophone Soprano
Anton Lotzki – Tuba

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