Dr. aviva zornberg
Sefer Bereshit - Genesis
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המופע התקיים בתאריך
Sefer Bereshit - Genesis

Sefer Bereshit - Vayetze

with Dr. Aviva Zornberg

From the murmuring Deep: The Beginning.
Dr. Aviva Zornberg, noted author and lectures 



אביבה זורנברג(3)



We will study the book of Genesis and see the dramatic unfolding of individuals and families, of God and humanity, of conflict and complexity. From this narrative a national future will emerge. As we study midrashic and hassidic reflections on these words, we will listen for their resonance in the answering depths of human experience. Between language and silence, a murmur becomes audible.


Parshat Vayetze
Thursday | November 23rd | 20:30



The series will take place in English.


Admission: 20 NIS | Entire Series (Purchased in Advance) 160 NIS

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Sefer Bereshit - Parshat Vayetze
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