Judith: A Chanukah Heroine?
Beit Avi Chai Presents
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המופע התקיים בתאריך
Beit Avi Chai Presents
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Judith: A Chanukah Heroine?

Prof. Deborah Gera

The Book of Judith tells of a beautiful, pious Israelite widow who saves her people by seducing and then beheading the enemy commander Holophernes, when he threatens Jerusalem and its Temple. Yet the story disappeared from Jewish tradition at an early stage and reappeared only in medieval times.


What is Judith’s connection to the story of Chanukah and how is her character transformed by midrashic tales, liturgical sources and Talmudic commentaries?


Tuesday I Dec. 15 I 8pm ( 1pm EST)

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with Prof. Deborah Gera
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