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Wed. Sep 5 9:00 PM Happiness and Forgiveness The Israeli Klezmer Orchestra Hosts Mark and Peretz Eliyahu The Israeli Klezmer Orchestra in a performance dedicated to the month of Elul. Guest musicians Mark and Peretz Eliyahu join the orchestra to bring the power of their unique music for a special pre-Rosh Hashana event Israeli Klezmer Orchestra; Musical Direction: Gershon Lazerson . Guests: Peretz and Mark Eliyahu Admission: 60 NIS, students 30 NIS Photo: Shutterstock Festive Sessions of Food and Text A study- culinary encounter in honor of Rosh Hashanah with lessons on symbolic New Year foods and practical cooking tips to prepare sumptuous meals for the holiday table With educator Rabba Prof. Dalia Marx and food expert and researcher Shmil Holland Admission: 50 NIS, students 30 NIS Food for the Soul Tue. Sep 4 8:00 PM Photo: Dan Shenker, Zohar Ron Repentance from the Heart of Sea: Three Readings of Jonah Thursday · September · 6th Thursday · September · 13th Sunday · September · 16th Admission: 20 NIS | Price for entire series: 50 NIS Students: admission free, when presenting a student card 8:00 pm | Teshuva and the Big City Why is Nineveh considered a city of sin? Can cities repent? To address these questions, the discussion will weave Jewish thought, cinema, Midrashic and philosophic literature with the concept of personal and public repentance, social-public transformation, and the Prophet Jonah. With Rabbi Mishael Zion 8:00 pm | The Dove that Didn’t Want to Fly An in-depth reading into the significance of a hero with a bird’s name, an escape into the sea, living in the belly of a fish, the name of a notorious city, and the image of the booth and a worm. With Dr. Orit Avnery 8:00 pm | A Shadow of Truth When the prophet does not identify with the mission given to him, he is ready to run to the end of the world, sail into a storm and even be thrown into the depths of the sea. Yonah ben Amitai demands truth, while God puts him through a tortuous and wondrous journey to teach him about compassion. With Dr. Yoshi Farjun Sun. May 6 8:00 PM Friday | September 7th | 1:00 PM Kabbalat Shabbat to Greet the New Year Anticipation, forgiveness, hope and prayer for new and blessed beginnings Maya Belsitzman hosts Danny Robas | Maureen Nehedar Artistic Direction: Maya Belsitzman | Moderator: Eliaz Cohen Admission: 60 NIS, students 30 NIS Kabbalat Shabbat Elul אירועי שישבת בבית אבי חי Photo: Ilan Besor, Studio Bepita, Ofer Hajyub BEIT AVI CHAI September – October 2018 /// Elul 5778 – Heshvan 5779 Where the Worlds of Jewish / Israeli Culture and Ideas Meet Beit Avi Chai Wh re the Worlds of Jewish / Isra li lt I t BEIT AVI CHAI To reserve tickets for BEIT AVI CHAI events: please call our box office: 02-621 5900 > Discount for Jerusalem-card holders. Details at the box office. > Discounted tickets available through our website. > Free parking for ticket purchasers. > Tickets held up to 20 minutes before the start of each program. > Free entrance for soldiers, subject to availability, upon showing military identification. > For free events: up to two tickets per person, subject to availability, may be reserved in advance. Reservations can be made three business days before each event by calling the BEIT AVI CHAI box office. Tickets not collected in time will be returned to the box office. > Programs are subject to changes, so kindly confirm via the BEIT AVI CHAI website. > Unless otherwise noted, all events take place in Hebrew. > Special programs organized for visiting groups and tourists. Prior to Arrival A musical-theatrical show with riginal music, drama, and spoken word – all in pursuit of Elijah the Prophet An orig inal Beit Avi Chai Production Wednesday | September 12th | 8:30 PM Thursday | September 13th | 8:30 PM Original Script: Ro’i Ravitzki | Director: Rachel Keshet Musical Direction: Oriyan Shukrun Admission: 60 NIS, students: 30 NIS Photo: Maoz Vaystooch Voca Shabbat Shabbat for the Entire Family Celebrate Shabbat with us and bring in the New Year with an event for the entire family. Program includes Shabbat-themed games, stories and special performances! Shabbat | September 8th | 4:00 PM For Children ages 3 and up Free Admission; advance ticket reservations required Beit Avi Chai Shabbat Programs and Events respect Shabbat law (Shomer Shabbat) and are open to all! Voca Returns with new songs and stories Kicking off the Month Jewish Communities of theWorld Cheshvan: Aleppo Prof. Yaron Harel on the Jewish community in Aleppo and author Matti Friedman on the mysteries of the Aleppo Codex Moderator: Tal Rosner , music with Gila Hasid and Uzi Rosenblatt Free Admission, subject to availability. Advance ticket booking strongly recommended Tue. Oct 9 8:00 PM Lunar Legends: TheWoman and theWind A Play for the Month of Tishrei A woman demands justice from the wind that grabbed her last piece of bread Sunday| September 16th | 5:00 PM Monday | September 17th | 5:00 PM Thursday | September 20th | 5:00 PM Tuesday | October 9th | 5:00 PM For ages 4-8 Admission: 30 NIS per child accompanying adult: 10 NIS Sun. Sep 16 5:00 PM Photo: Maoz Vaystooch Photo: Aleppo Synagogue, Wikimedia, by Govorkov Photo: Shlomi Pinto Voting for the Mayor and the Weekly Torah Portion Candidates vying for the top job share their thoughts on the weekly Torah Portion and on the future of Jerusalem Moderated by Vered Lyon Yerushalmi and Yair Sherki Thursday | October 11th | 9:00 PM Thursday | October 18th | 9:00 PM Thursday | October 25th | 9:00 PM Free admission, Individual candidat names to be announced a week prior to each session. The JerusalemTorah Portion Tue. Oct 16 9:00 PM My Story Songs, Singers and Their Stories Boaz Sharabi hosts journalist and musician Amos Maroz Moderated by television and radio host Yoav Kutne r Production and Artistic Direction: Monocrave Admission: 60 NIS, students 30 NIS שלם הצביעו Thu. Oct 11 9:00 PM Lunar Legends: Nakdimon and the First Rain A Play for the Month of Cheshvan When the rain doesn’t fall, Nakdimon signs a deal and gets into trouble Wednesday | October 17th | 5:00 PM Thursday | October 18th | 5:00 PM Monday | October 22nd | 5:00 PM Tuesday | October 23rd | 5:00 PM For ages 4-8 Admission: 30 NIS per child accompanying adult: 10 NIS Wed. Oct 17 5:00 PM Photo: Maoz Vaystooch Wed. Oct 22 8:00 PM Study Group - Lecture Series for the General Public To Honor Parents Why is there no Biblical command to "Love Your Father Mother"? A close reading of classical and contemporary texts on obligations in relationships Lecturer: Dr. Chana Pinchasi The series will take place on: Wednesday | October 17th | 8:00 PM Wednesday | October 24th | 8:00 PM Admission: 40 NIS (for two sessions) Photo: courtesy of the Shalom Hartman Institute