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Ongoing Study Programs at Beit Avi Chai For Youth Youth Programs: 2019 – 2020 Study and Theater | Spoken Word | Writing Workshops | Young Leadership | Texts and Photography | Debate Clubs and more will resume after the holidays (October 2019) For Young Adults Elul Time Evening Beit Midrash for Young Adults during Elul In-depth sessions for young adults during the month of Elul Sept. 1 – 29 | 6 PM to 10 PM Gap Year Students | Study and Writing Workshops | Beit Midrash Study Groups | Study and Acting and more will resume after the holidays (October 2019) General Public Thinking Ahead: Morning Study Weekly Sunday morning study of classical texts and themes with Jewish authors and educators Follow us on Facebook and Instagram: Beit Avi Chai Youth My Story -The Great Albums Songs, Singers and Their Stories Rami Kleinstein Apples and Dates (1995) Guitars: Ron Bunker Moderated by television and radio host Yoav Kutner Production and Artistic Direction: Monocrave Admission: 60 NIS, students 30 NIS Mon. Sep. 16 9 PM Photo: Yoram Bouzaglo | Album design: Or-Lapid-Bartal Photo: Sharven Lupo, Yael Kavesa Source of Inspiration Daniel Zamir and the Kulu Baraka Ensemble Classical texts serving as fertile soil for instrumental, virtuoso, and meditative compositions Rony Iwryn , Meital Bracha Karni , Lihi Eshel , Einat Harel , Daniel Zamir and Mark Eliyahu Admission: 50 NIS | Students: 30 NIS Thu. Sep 12 9 PM Shabbat Sep. 21 4 PM Illustration: Elad Lifschitz Shabbat for the Entire Family Celebrate Shabbat with us for a fun-filled event for the entire family. Shabbat-themed songs, stories and special performances! Free Admission; advance ticket reservations required Vocal Shabbat BeitAviChaiShabbatProgramsandEvents RespectShabbatLaws (ShomerShabbat) and areopentoall! Lunar Legends: TheWoman and theWind A woman demands justice from the wind, which snatched her last loaf of bread Thursday | Oct. 3 | 5 PM Sunday | Oct. 6 | 5 PM Monday | Oct. 7 | 5 PM Thursday | Oct. 10 | 5 PM For ages 4 to 8 Admission: 30 NIS per child | accompanying adult: 10 NIS Thu. Oct. 3 5 pM Photo: Maoz Vaystooch Illustration: Elad Lifschitzּ הַחֹמָרִים מֵהֵם מֻרְכֶּבֶת הַזֶּהוּת שֶׁלָּנו ש"ע Mon. Oct. 7 8:30 PM Mon. Nov. 4 7 PM Write Us Into The Book Interpersonal literary encounter during the Ten Days of Repentance An encounter between two language lovers with Shai Gillis and Tamar Krieger Armoni, music with Daniella Specto r Admission: 30 NIS SUBTEXT Study Workshop for Young Adults A weekly text-based study group that employs Biblical, Talmudic and Midrashic texts alongside studies drawn from psychology, literature, and philosophy to create a forum for an in-depth exploration of central issues affecting our lives as young adult Jews and Israelis. Moderators Dana Bar Lev and Shai Gillis Mondays at 7 PM Nov 4th through March 30th Cost: 350 NIS | Limited Places Kicking off the Month Jewish Communities of theWorld Heshvan: Portugal Dr. Oded Zion presents an overview of Portuguese Jewry throughout history, and Prof. Dov Stochinsky on the unique phenomenon of the Anusim in Portugal Moderator: Tal Rosne r, music with Yuval Bilgorai Moderator: Tal Rosne r, musical Free admission, subject to availability Wed. Oct. 30 8 PM Photo: Marranos, black and white photo of an 1898 painting by Moshe Maimon, from the Brockhaus and Efron Jewish Encyclopedia, courtesy of Wikipedia Photo: PR Thinking Ahead Start the week with an enriching intellectual journey into the diverse world of Jewish culture Beit Avi Chai invites you to start the week with an enriching intellectual journey into the mystic world of Jewish cultures With Prof. Avinoam Rosenak , Emuna Alon , Rabbi Dr. Benny Lau , Dr. Roi Horn , Rabbi Dr. Daniel Epstein and Dr. Orit Kami r Sundays | 10 am – 1 pm Admission: 250 NIS per course | 150 NIS for two and more courses Sun. Nov. 11 - Dec. 15 10:00 PM An Original Performance in Honor of Shabbat Rabbi Danny Segal | Musician Maya Belzitsman and Daniel Solomon welcome Shabbat inspired by the words and music of the poetess Zelda Admission: 60 NIS, students 30 NIS Kabbalat Shabbat at Beit Avi Chai WelcomingZelda thePoetess Photo: Noam Finer, Studio BePita Thu. Oct. 31 9:00 PM זלדה Night Harvest i S a t u r d a y n i g h t | O c t 1 9 | B e g i n n i n g a t 9 : 3 0 P M H o s h a n a R a b b a a t B e i t A v i C h a i Admission For Each Event: 40 NIS PM 9:30 Study &Music Circle with the Orot Band 1:30 AM Yishay Ribo and Elad Citrin In addition from 11:00 PM Circling the Woods: With Ruth Hof Self-Harvest hosted: With Hadas Blass A time to embrace and a time to refrainworkshop: With Guy Biran Rabbi Isaac Luria onHoshana Rabba: With Yehuda Yifrach YEARNING AND PRAYER FOR RAIN: With Netanela Tirosh & Yonatan Blumenfeld Free admission for ticket holders of opening and/or closing events, subject to availability