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BEIT AVI CHAI To reserve tickets for BEIT AVI CHAI events: please call our box office: 02-621 5900 > Discount for Jerusalem-card holders. Details at the box office. > Discounted tickets available through our website. > Free parking for ticket purchasers. > Tickets held up to 20 minutes before the start of each program. > Free entrance for soldiers, subject to availability, upon showing military identification. > For free events: up to two tickets per person, subject to availability, may be reserved in advance. Reservations can be made three business days before each event by calling the BEIT AVI CHAI box office. Tickets not collected in time will be returned to the box office. > Programs are subject to changes, so kindly confirm via the BEIT AVI CHAI website. > Unless otherwise noted, all events take place in Hebrew. > Special programs organized for visiting groups and tourists. Where the Worlds of Jewish / Israeli Culture and Ideas Meet Beit Avi Chai Wh re the Worlds of Jewish / Isra li lt d I t BEIT AVI CHAI September – October 2019 / Elul 5779 – Heshvan 5780 בין כיסוי לגילוי, בין שבר לתיקון לימוד עומק בעולמות של סוד והגות חדשה ועתיקה שפרהאסולין, שי גיליס, אביעזרכהן, מעוזכהנא, אלכסנדרהמנדלבאום, רותנוסבאום-יאיר, שרהסגל-כץ, אורי עופרן 22:00-18:00 | א-כו באלול | ימים א, ב, ד, ה | 26-1.9 : הרשמה | ומעלה 24 לגילאי | מתכונתשלחברותאושיעור | שמונהסדרותלבחירה Sun. Sep 1 6 PM Sun. Sep 1 8 PM Credit: The Great Synagogue in Budapest. Photo: Tamar Hayardeni, courtesy of Wikipedia Elul Time Preparing for the high Holy Days: a guided Beit Midrash With Shifra Assoulin , Shai Gillis , Aviezer Cohen , Maoz Kahana , Alexandra Mandelbaum , Rute Yair- Nussbaum, Sarah Segal-Katz, Uri Ofran September 1 – 26 | Sun., Mon., Wed., & Thurs. | 6 PM to 10 PM Choice of eight workshops Lesson and study-partner format Ages 24 and up The Haftarot of YamimNora’im A three-part series with Rabbanit Shani Taragin Sunday | Sept 8 | 8 PM Tefilat Chana: From Personal Prayer to National Anthem Sunday | Sept 15 | 8 PM Rachel: Mother at a Crossroads Sunday | Oct 6 | 8 PM Yona: Flight and Fright The program takes place in English Admission: 20 NIS per session Kicking off the Month Jewish Communities of theWorld Elul: Hungary With Prof. Ilana Rosen on culinary and cultural memories of Hungarian Israelis, and Dr. Raphael Vago on rising nationalism and anti-Semitism in Hungary Moderated by Tal Rosner, music with Yahala Lachmish Free admission, subject to availability Mr. Minasa's Old Shoes A Literary Musical Encounter A musical show with author Rinat Chacham reading her Mr. Minasa's Old Shoes , a charming Ethiopian folktale and educators Sarit Zusman and pianist Muriel Hofmann Tuesday | September 10 | 5 PM For ages 5 to 8 Admission: 30 NIS per child Accompanying adult: 10 NIS Tue. Sep 10 5 PM Illustration: Shahaf Manapov ם י ר פ ו ס ו ם י ר פ ס ם ע ם י ש ג פ נ ם י ד ל י Lunar Legends: Two Cats A play for the month of Elul Two cats of opposite colors argue and forgive Wednesday | Sept. 11 | 5 PM Thursday | Sept. 12 | 5 PM Monday | Sept. 16 | 5 PM Thursday | Sept. 19 | 5 PM For ages 4 to 8 Admission: 30 NIS per child, 10 NIS for accompanying adult Tue. Sep. 11 11:30 AM Photo: Maoz Vaystooch Illustration: Lee-Or Atsmon Fruin Photo: from a Park Avenue Synagogue holiday prayer book for youth Illustration: Elad Lifschitz Sun. Sep 8 8 PM Jonah! Jonah! Jonah! An original play by Jonathan Kunda Thursday | Oct 3 | 8:30 PM A Day in the Life of Jonah the Prophet from Ancient Times to 2019! Jonah's wanders between coffee shops and the Jaffa port to Mea Shearim's yeshivot. A journey of words and music – at the heart of Jerusalem, within the eye of the prophetic storm, the whirlwind of Israeli reality, the belly of Israeli existence, into the Ninveh-like labyrinth of the soul. Admission: 40 NIS | Students: 20 NIS From Jerusalem totheSea r s l t Sept.25th to27th BeitAvi Chai, Jerusalem Oct. 3rd&4th GanHaPisga,TelAviv-Jaffa Wednesday | | Sept. 25 Beit Avi Chai 6:30 PM On the Shores of Forgiveness: Writing workshop with poet Hadas Shacham-Sonnenfeld 8:30 PM Mashiv HaRuach– “Voices of Poets in Song” Competition 9 PM My Inner Heart: Tribute to Yehuda Amichai An encounter between director and choreographer Emanuella Amichai , daughter of poet Yehuda Amichai and singer-composer Ronit Shahar Thursday | Sept. 26 Beit Avi Chai 6 PM Writing and Composition workshop with Shai-Li Jamshid 8:30 PM Voices of Poets in Song Beit Avi Chai and Galei Tzahal Army Radio in a special tribute to the legendary “Voices of Poets in Song” evenings of the 1970s and 80s Shlomo Gronich , Ninet Tayeb , Shlomi Shaban , Alon Eder , Shimon Buskila , Neta Elkayam , Esther Rada. Musical direction by Shlomi Shaban Moderator: Kobi Meidan The performance will be broadcast live on Galei Tzahal Closing the year in Jerusalem – Opening the year in Tel Aviv 9 PM Alibi: Michael Gottlieb and Guests Poems of contemporary poets set to music by Michael Gottlieb accompanied by a string quartet. Corinne Allal , Leora Rivlin , Yossi Tsabari , Michael Gottlieb Friday | Sept. 27 | Beit Avi Chai 11 AM Renewing Ourselves Bilha Ben-Eliyahu on Israeli authors and their thoughts on beginnings 1 PM* In Honor of Shabbat - Celebrating the Last Shabbat of the Year The music and spirit of Kabbalat Shabbat songs with special arrangements of songs of Eretz Yisrael, Sephardi and Ashkenazi liturgical poems, Hebrew poetry and shared thought for the Days of Awe Rona Keinan, Rabbi Dr. Benny Lau , Riff Cohen , Aviv Bachar , Shai Tsabari *Beit Avi Chai courtyard Credit: galeb smirnov, tal schachar, alex lipkin, estevanat chai, yosi tzveker, daniael kaminski, sherban lupo, true twins, yam triver, asaph eini, gaya s, turtle