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Kicking off the Month Jewish Communities of theWorld Av: Crimea Dr. Velvl Chernin on the history of Crimean Jewry and Binyamin Minich on the day marked in memory of Crimean Jews who perished in the Holocaust Moderator: Tal Rosne r, musical Free admission, subject to availability recommended Thur. Aug. 1 8 PM Photo: The Genovese fortress of Kaffa in the Crimean peninsula Photo: Ron Kedmi, Iliya Melnikov Photo: Micha Bar-Am Tue. July 30 8 PM Wed. Aug. 14 8:30 PM Akdamot Journal of Jewish Thought Join Prof. Binjamin Ish Shalom and other authors/contributors to mark the journal’s renewed publication by presenting innovative and influential articles that have appeared throughout almost two decades of publication Admission: 20 NIS | Free Admission for Students Maybe It’s An Earthquake A decade after the death of Amos Kenan An evening to mark ten years since the passing of Amos Kenan , an influential Israeli author, journalist, playwright, and sculptor Rona Kenan , Prof. Nurit Gertz, Orin Morris, Amichai Chasson , Roie Ravitsky and others Admission: 50 NIS | Students: 30 NIS Fri. Aug. 2 11 AM Shabbat on the Rooftop A Musical Performance for the Entire Family Friday | August 2 | 11 AM Script and Direction: Hanoch Re’im | Musical Director: Ya’ir Seri For families with children ages 5 and up Admission: 30 NIS per child | Accompanying adult: 10 NIS Mon. Aug. 19 9 PM Thu. Aug. 15 9 PM Photo: Oded Klein | Design: Studio 03 My Story -The Great Albums Songs, Singers and Their Stories David Broza TheWoman by My Side (1983) Guitars: Ron Bunker Moderated by television and radio host Yoav Kutner Production and Artistic Direction: Monocrave Admission: 60 NIS, students 30 NIS The Mystery of Tu B’Av An original production with artistic, theatrical, textual and musical interpretations of the great forgotten drama of Tu B’Av Artistic director: Roie Ravitsky Admission: 40 NIS, students 20 NIS Ongoing Study Programs at Beit Avi Chai For Youth Tisha B’Av for Youth Texts, films and discussions on loss, separation, and seeking; with the Municipal Youth Council Sunday | August 11 | 4 PM Youth Programs: 2019 – 2020 Study and Theater | Spoken Word | Writing Workshops | Young Leaders | Texts and Photography | Debate Clubs and more will resume after the holidays (October 2019) For Young Adults SpokenWord: Revolutions Writing and performance workshop for young writers with textual study and analysis Study and Writing Workshops | Beit Midrash Study Groups | Study and Acting and more will resume after the holidays (October 2019) General Public Thinking Ahead: Morning Study Weekly Sunday morning study of classical and contemporary Jewish texts and themes Evening Lecture Series Study of select Jewish texts and themes with Jewish authors and educators Alteh Zakhen A Literary Musical Encounter A musical show with author and illustrator Rinat Hoffer reading from her book Alteh Zakhen (“Old and Used Things”) With Sarit Zusman and pianist Moriel Hoffman Wednesday | July 31 | 5 PM For ages 5 to 8 Admission: 30 NIS per child Accompanying adult: 10 NIS Wed. July 31 5 PM Illustration: Rinat Hoffer Shababnikim Eliran Malka Filmmaker and screenwriter Eliran Malka discusses his successful television series “Shababnikim” & movie “The Unorthodox” and their innovative portrayal of Haredi communities The program takes place in English Admission: 40 NIS Sun. Aug. 25 8 PM Photo: Ohad Romano, Omer Messinger THETIMES OFISRAEL & BEIT AVICHAI ם י ר פ ו ס ו ם י ר פ ס ם ע ם י ש ג פ נ ם י ד ל י Lunar Legends: Shlomo’s Daughter in the Tower A play for the month of Av A love story between a princess and a pauper Tuesday | August 20 | 11:30 AM and 4 PM Wednesday | Aug 21 | 11:30 AM and 4 PM For ages 5 to 8 Admission: 30 NIS per child accompanying adult: 10 NIS Tue. Aug. 20 11:30 AM Photo: Maoz Vaystooch Tuesday – Wednesday | August 27 – 28 Sessions: 10 AM to 1 PM | 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM A Three-day Festival for First Graders and Their Families Admission: 30 NIS per child | Free for Accompanying Adults Fun and Educational activities with Games, Shows, Music, Workshops and much more! In the Main Auditorium ������������������������������������������� 11 AM // TheMuseum Screening followed by discussion with film director Ran Tal A documentary film that observes and examines the staff, visitors, store rooms and meetings that take place at The Israel Museum 1 PM // Reflected Light Followed by discussion with film director Rabbi Mordechai Vardi A documentary film that focuses on the difficulties and scars of ba’alei tshuva, secular youngsters who became deeply religious and tried to assimilate, often unsuccessfully, into ultra-Orthodox society 3 PM // Uri Zohar: The Return Followed by discussion with film director Dani Rosenberg and journalist Ariel Horowitz Decades after becoming Ultra-Orthodox and cutting himself off from the art world, Uri Zohar returns to direct a movie with two young filmmakers about a famous, successful actor torn between the world of Torah and the stage: himself. 5 PM // The Other Story Followed by discussion with director Avi Nesher and film critic Yair Raveh An engagement to a disreputable musician who recently became religious causes a family conflict that is difficult to repair. Small Auditorium – 103 ���������������������������������������������� 12 PM // Feelingat Home Followed by discussion with Ronen and Yasmin Siman-Tov A cinematic view of the unique persona of Gideon Ofrat , art historian, Jerusalem intellectual and one of Israel’s leading curators. 2 PM // Fissuresand Fractures in Israeli Society Israeli cinema: lecture with clips from historic movies. With Adva Magal-Cohen A cinematic look at breaking points in Israeli society and how they are reflected in Israeli cinema. 4:30PM // Collaboratoror Lifesaver? Screening and discussion with director Uri Barbash Discussion with director Uri Barbash whose films examine the moral and existential dilemmas faced by those who struggle against the evil that surrounds them TishaB’Av at Beit Avi Chai • Film Screenings and Discussions for the 9th of Av • Sunday 11.8 11:00 AM Admission: 10 NIS per ticket | Advance Seat Reservations Strongly Recommended Photo: Uriel Sinai Photo: Raaya Vardi Tubul Photo: Iris Nesher Photo: Oren Reich Photo: Saar Yaakov, courtesy of the GPO Photo: Tema Barbash Photo: Yaniv Linton, courtesy of HOT 8 and United King Follow us on Facebook and Instagram: Beit Avi Chai Youth