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BEIT AVI CHAI To reserve tickets for BEIT AVI CHAI events: please call our box office: 02-621 5900 > Discount for Jerusalem-card holders. Details at the box office. > Discounted tickets available through our website. > Free parking for ticket purchasers. > Tickets held up to 20 minutes before the start of each program. > Free entrance for soldiers, subject to availability, upon showing military identification. > For free events: up to two tickets per person, subject to availability, may be reserved in advance. Reservations can be made three business days before each event by calling the BEIT AVI CHAI box office. Tickets not collected in time will be returned to the box office. > Programs are subject to changes, so kindly confirm via the BEIT AVI CHAI website. > Unless otherwise noted, all events take place in Hebrew. > Special programs organized for visiting groups and tourists. The People of The Book Stories of Biblical personalities as seen through the eyes of the Midrash, Aggadah, world literature and poetry. With author Prof. Haim Be’er and Prof. Hananel Mack Esther and Daniel Musical accompaniment: Efrat Apter Admission: 20 NIS The Fifth Mother The Biblical story of Sarah and Hagar The magic and power of the Biblical story, as seen from the perspective of Sarah and Hagar, comes to light through original monologues, poetry, and musical arrangements. With Yonatan Blumenfeld, Uriel Herman, Tula Ben Ari, Yael Stolman, Tom Klein,Yael Tal ; consultant: Dr. Meir Buzaglo Admission: 50 NIS , students 30 NIS Voices of Maghreb Elad Levy, Kobi Assor, Nevo Castiel, Amitai Roger, Roi Fadida, Tamar Bloch, Daria Mosinson, Mark Kirshner, Adi Gigi,Ido Tzur, Matan Caspi. Special Guest: Celebrated Paytan Rabbi Haim Louk Admission: 50 NIS , students 30 NIS Art as Commentary Yael Mali presents her new book that highlights the weekly Torah portion through the prism of art. With Yael Mali , Prof. Avigdor Shinan , and Playback Midrash by Dan Soudry and Asaf Freedman , Michael Linik on piano and the Nigun Yerushalmi Ensemble moderated by Sahara Blau Admission free, subject to availability. Strongly recommend advance booking. Out of This World Uncovering the HiddenWorld of Haredi Cinema. Subversive Haredi Cinema With Director Esti Shushan Sunday-Tuesday November 5th-7th | 8:30 PM Series Editor: Marlene Vanig Admission: 20 NIS The Ancestral Sin Screening followed by discussion with film director David Deri Moderated by Ofer Haddad film creators: David Deri, Ruth Yuval and Doron Glazer 20 NIS , students free (with student ID) Out of This World Uncovering the HiddenWorld of Haredi Cinema Series Editor: Marlene Vanig , researcher of Haredi Cinema Founding Fathers of Haredi Cinema Guest: Director Yehuda Groweiss Admission per session: 20 NIS Admission to all 5 sessions: 80 NIS Wed. Jan3 8:30 PM Sun. Jan 7 8:00 PM Tue. Jan 9 8:30 PM Wed. Jan 17 8:30 PM Tue. Jan 2 8:30 PM Mon. Jan 1 8:00 PM Photo Avner Shachaf, Roi Berkowitz )Photo: “And they brought Haman to the party Esther made,” Jan Victors (1619-1676 Photos: Kobi Sharvit, Anna Roseman, Raphael Shachari, Tom Handler Photos: courtesy of Marius Yechezkel, Meira Yasmin, Daniel Kaminsky Photo: The Finding of Moses, part of a wall painting in a synagogue in Dura Europos, Syria Photo: Esti Shushan Thurs. Jan 11 9:00 PM My Story Songs, Singers and Their Stories Izhar Ashdot and Danny Basan Moderator: Yoav Kutner Production and Artistic Direction: Monocrave Admission: 60 NIS, students 30 NIS Yannai Rubcha, Katya Borindin Penetrating the Jewish bookshelf: Slow Readings Slow readings of Talmudical Texts: “Women are easily impressionable” (Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Shabbat 33b) Why does the Talmud note that women are more easily appeased and persuaded and claims that they are less sensitive to potential dangers? What is the Talmudic analysis and the historical interpretations? With Talmud and Jewish culture scholar Dr. Ruchama Weiss Tuesdays at 8:00 PM on: January 9thǀ January 16thǀ January 23rd Admission (three sessions): 60 NIS Photo:Debbie Cooper BEIT AVI CHAI 2018 Jan. – Feb. Where the Worlds of Jewish / Israeli Culture and Ideas Meet Beit Avi Chai Photo: Dana Bar Siman Tov Fromage 5 and up David Daring and Freedom Meet the Wisdom of the Heart A new play in the Kings series Wednesday/Thursday | Feb 28th & March 1st | 11:00 AM & 3:00 PM Admission: 30 NIS per child | Accompanying adult: 10 NIS Photo: Uria Tadmor Lunar Legends: Magical Soup A play for the month of Tevet Wonderful magic and a bowl of piping ot s up . Tuesday | January 2nd | 5:00 PM Tuesday | January 9th | 5:00 PM Tuesday | January 16th | 5:00 PM For ages 4-8 Admission: 30 NIS per child, accompanying adult 10 NIS . My Favorite Tractate The Steinsaltz Institute presents thinkers, public figures and artists who discuss and analyze a theme culled from a favorite Talmudic tractate. Shuli Mualem Rafaeli, MK Admission to the opening session is free, with advance registration Sun. Jan 7 8:30 PM Beit Avi Chai at the Israel Museum Prof. Avigdor Shinan and invited guests join Israel Museum curators to bring the weekly Haftarah to light. In different Israel Museum art Galleries each week. Friday | January 5th | 11:00 AM Shmot: “I will clothe you in embroidery”: Prof. Ruchama Weiss with senior curator Shlomit Rosenberg. Old Master’s Gallery (second floor) Friday | January 12th | 11:00 AM Va’iera: “Mine is the river and I made it”: Prof. Avigdor Shinan with curator Hagit Maoz. Archeology Wing, Hadrian sculpture Friday | January 19th | 11:00 AM Bo: “Make implements of exile for yourself”: Prof. Avigdor Shinan with curator Dr. Amitai Mendelson. Israeli Art Hall, E.M. Lilien, “The Allegorical Wedding” Friday | January 26th | 11:00 AM Beshalach: “Blessed by women in the tent”: Prof. Avigdor Shinan with curator Dr. Adolpho Roitman . Jewish Art and Culture Hall, Chanukiah Wall Friday | February 2nd | 11:00 AM Yitro: “Here I am. Send me”: Prof. Dalia Marks with curator Ella Regev. Exhibition of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei Friday | February 9th | 11:00 AM Mishpatim: “And they counted the silver”: Prof. Avigdor Shinan with curator Nurit Goshen . Archeology Wing, Nachal Mishmar Treasure Friday | February 16th | 11:00 AM Teruma: “When the Temple was being built…”: Prof. Avigdor Shinan with curator Dr. Eran Aryeh. Archeology Wing, State Building Friday | February 23rd | 11:00 AM Tetzaveh: “Though you may be small in your own eyes”: Prof. Avigdor Shinan with curator Daniella Shalev . Modern Art Gallery Admission included in price of museum entrance. Tue. Jan 9 8:00 PM Debating Core Issues Facing Israeli Society Dr. Tomer Persico and Yoav Sorek in discussion with prominent religious Zionist author and thinker Rabbi Uri Sherki. Topic: Israel’s relationship with other nations, the tension between Judaism’s national status and its universal vision. Admission: 20 NIS , students free (with student ID ) Discourse in Depth Mon. Jan 15 8:30 PM Kicking off the Month - Jewish Communities of the World Shevat: The Caribbean and Surinam With Israel Museum Collections director Tania Cohen-Uziel and film director Nati Malchi . Moderated by Tal Rosner and communal singing with Yehuda Greenbaum Admission free, subject to availability. Strongly advise to reserve tickets in advance. Thurs. Jan 18 8:00 PM · T u B ’ s h v a t S p e c i a l · T u B ’ s h v a t S p e c i a l Friday | Jan 26th | 9:00 PM TuB’shvat Special Educator David Menachem hosts author Dov Elboim and musician Neta Elkayam in a festive Shabbat eve Tu B’shvat gathering. Texts, discussions, refreshments and the music of Shabbat Admission free, subject to availability. Tickets must be reserved in advance: from January 21st to January 26th (Friday), with reservations closing at 11:00 AM. SaturdayNight | Jan27th | 9:30PM Motzei Shabbat (Saturday Night) inShvat Join musicians Peretz and Mark Eliyahu and educator Tamar Elad-Applebaum for an evening of study, music and celebration With Mark and Peretz Eliyahu , Eldad Citryn, Haggai Bilitzki , Roni Evrin and Rabba Tamar Elad-Applebaim Admission: 60 NIS, students 30 NIS Photos: from Wikipedia, Sasson Tiram, Amit Chai, Ophir Deri, Zohar Ron, Snir Katzir Mon. Nov 6 8:00 PM Tue. Jan2 5: 0