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BEIT AVI CHAI To reserve tickets for BEIT AVI CHAI events: please call our box office: 02-621 5900 > Discount for Jerusalem-card holders. Details at the box office. > Discounted tickets available through our website. > Free parking for ticket purchasers. > Tickets held up to 20 minutes before the start of each program. > Free entrance for soldiers, subject to availability, upon showing military identification. > For free events: up to two tickets per person, subject to availability, may be reserved in advance. Reservations can be made three business days before each event by calling the BEIT AVI CHAI box office. Tickets not collected in time will be returned to the box office. > Programs are subject to changes, so kindly confirm via the BEIT AVI CHAI website. > Unless otherwise noted, all events take place in Hebrew. > Special programs organized for visiting groups and tourists. Where the Worlds of Jewish / Israeli Culture and Ideas Meet Beit Avi Chai Wh re the Worlds of Jewish / Isra li lt I t BEIT AVI CHAI January – February 2020 �������� Tevet – Adar 5780 Beginnings: Sense and Sensibility Lectures on Sefer Bereishit with Dr. Avivah Zornberg Exploring Midrashic and Hassidic sources, we will uncover hidden messages and meanings in the Book of Genesis Final classes: Thurs. Jan 2nd and Thurs. Jan. 9th at 7:30 pm The program takes place in English Admission: 20 NIS per session Lunar Legends: Key Soup A play for the month of Tevet On a cold winter night, doors are opened thanks to wonderful magic and a bowl of piping hot soup Tues. | Jan. 14th | 5 pm Thurs. | Jan. 16th | 5 pm Tues. | Jan. 21st | 5 pm Wed . | Jan. 22nd | 5 pm For ages 4 to 8 Admission: 30 NIS per child, 10 NIS for accompanying adult Tues. Jan. 14 5 PM Photographs: Ori Barkat Photography: Yoav Kastenberg, Haim Kimchi Photography: moshe chitiyat, Chavi Torres Bachata, Studio BePita, Yossi Debker, Elia Romanov The Other Face of Israel: Sarah Ayal’s Photography Beit Avi Chai’s new exhibition draws from a recently discovered archive of thousands of non-classified photographs that for the first time bring former Mossad undercover agent Sarah Ayal’s (1915 – 2004) impressive artistic talent to light with captivating images that capture the development of Israel as a young country. Curator: Amichai Hasson Free Admission New Exhibition Photography: Vered Adir Pre-Screening of Matir Agunot Special pre-premiere screening: the final episodes of the season of the popular Israeli television series. Followed by a discussion with series creator Yossi Madmoni , in conversation with Avi Tepelinsky , Uri Izak , and actress Avigail Kubari Admission: 20 NIS Wed. Jan. 1 8 PM In Preparation for the 10th of Tevet Losing Sight: The Story of Tzidkiyahu With Rabbi Shai Finkelstein Rabbi of Kehilat Nitzanim The program takes place in English Admission: 20 NIS Sun. Jan. 5 8 PM Photo: shutterstock, Joan Roth Thurs. Jan . 2 7:30 PM Sun. Jan. 5 8 PM Wed. Jan.8 9 PM City Tales Meet ancient Jewish cities and regions as seen through the eyes of the midrash, aggadah, literature and poetry. With authors Prof. Haim Be’er and Prof. Hananel Mack . Musical accompaniment: Efrat Apter Final Session: Jerusalem Sunday | Jan. 5th| 8 pm Admission: 20 NIS | Price for the entire 6-part series: 100 NIS The Purple Dress Tribute to famous Israeli composer and Israel Prize Laureate Sasha Argov Anat Moshkovski | Maya Belsitzman | Tal Ben Ari | Adi Renart | Dor Smooha | Ofer Shapira | Gili Ben Zvi | Shai Zalman Special guest: Itamar Argov Admission: NIS 60 | Students: 30 NIS Photo: The synagogue in Vilna, courtesy: Wikipedia Photography and design: Ronen Lalena Wed. Jan . 15 9 PM My Story - The Great Albums Songs, Singers and Their Stories Eviatar Banai: The Album “Eviatar Banai” (1997) Moderated by television and radio host Yoav Kutner Production and Artistic Direction: Monocrave Admission: 60 NIS | Students: 30 NIS An Original Performance in Honor of Shabbat Ehud Banai | Rabba Tamar Elad- Appelbaum | Gil Smetana | Eran Porat | Noshi Paz Admission: 60 NIS, students 30 NIS Kabbalat Shabbat at Beit Avi Chai WelcomingA.D. Gordon Photo: Orit Panini Thurs. Jan. 16 9 PM Photograph: Ketuba from Cuba, courtesy of the National Library, taken from Wikipedia Kicking off the Month Jewish Communities of theWorld Shevat: Cuba Dr. Margalit Bejarano on the Jews of Cuba from their first days and until the Communist revolution, and Shoshana Aharon on the Jews of Cuba today Moderated by Zvika Klein , music with Yehuda Greenboim Free admission, subject to availability Credit: David Hochhauser WOMEN AND ORTHODOXY Are changes in leadership and community roles for women beneficial for Orthodox Jewry or do they pose a threat to its future? Sally Berkovitch , author of Under My Hat: How Orthodox Women are Shaping the Future of Judaism , Yael Rockman , Kolech Center for Women’s Leadership, Rabbanit Yael Shimoni , Yeshivat Drisha and Rabbanit Beit Hillel, moderated by Efrat Shapira Rosenberg Admission: 20 NIS The program takes place in English Thurs. Jan. 30 8 PM Sun. Jan. 26 8 PM A Gift of Snow A Literary – Musical Encounter A musical show and book reading with Sarit Zusman , accompanied by musician Muriel Hoffman and children’s author Maria Givner For ages 5 to 8 Admission: Child: 30 NIS Accompanying adult: 10 NIS Mon. Jan. 27 5 PM Illustration: Alona Milgram ם י ר פ ו ס ו ם י ר פ ס ם ע ם י ש ג פ נ ם י ד ל י Study Groups for Young Adults at Beit Avi Chai 2020 Text-based Study on a Wide Range of Topics in Small, Intimate Group Settings The Writings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov with Yair Agmon Four meetings | Tuesdays | 7 to 9 pm | beginning on Jan. 7th Admission: 80 NIS for the series Theological journeys through the philosophy of our times with Shachar Fisher Eight meetings | Wednesdays | 7 to 9 pm | beginning on Jan 29th Admission: 160 NIS for the series Tue. Jan. 7 7:00 PM Lunar Legends: The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse A play for the month of Shevat The country mouse leaves her simple life in the countryside and sets out for the big city Tues. | Feb. 4th | 5 pm Wed. | Feb. 5th | 5 pm Tues. | Feb. 11th | 5 pm Thurs. | Feb. 13th | 5 pm For ages 4 to 8 Admission: 30 NIS per child, 10 NIS for accompanying adult Tues Feb.4 5 PM Tues. Feb . 11 9 PM Faith, Love, andWhat Lies Between Haim Shapira and Orit Wolf Author Dr. Haim Shapira joins pianist Dr. Orit Wolf to speak about the power of faith, the force of love and to perform their favorite musical pieces Admission: 60 NIS | Students: 30 NIS Grandparents and Grandchildren An Inter-Generational Event Grandchildren interview their grandparents on their childhood memories, creating a family album and shared experiences Thurs. | Feb. 13th Wed. | March 25th Admission: 70 NIS; program: 3 hours Thurs. Feb. 13 3:30 PM Abraham Lincoln, The Bible and Leadership Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik in conversation with Harold Holzer , noted Lincoln scholar The program takes place in English Admission: 20 NIS Sun. Feb. 16 8 PM Yeshiva University, Shatterstock