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Wed. Nov 21 5:00 PM Wed. Nov 21 5:00 PM Photo: Yaniv Golan Illustration: Aharon Friedman, simulation, Megillat Esther: New Israeli Commentary The Thinking Man and the Machine Between the Human Brain and Technology Repercussions and implications of current brain research on society, culture and morality With neuroscientist Dr. Oren Shriki Prof. Asa Kasher | Rabbi Yuval Cherlow Moderated by Emily Amroussi Admission: 20 NIS | Students: Free admission with valid student ID In collaboration with The Safra Center for Brain Sciences, Hebrew University King of Gold and Blood Literary salon – Stories Behind Stories The historic novel by Gabriela Avigur- Rotem takes us back to the days of King Herod. How to understand historical events in contemporary times? How should today’s reader view Herod’s actions? With author Gabriela Avigur-Rotem and Dr. Noah Hacham Admission: 20 NIS. Free admission for students on presenting valid student ID Sun. Mar. 17 8:00 PM Photo: Itamar Rotem A Book. An Author. A Story W . Mar. 7 8 Sun. Mar. 17 1 AM Lunar Legends: Wed. Nov 21 5:00 PM Photo: PR Mar. 13 8 Study Group - Lecture Series for the General Public “Rabban Gamliel: Beautify the Study of Torah with an Occupation” Studying Torah and working for a living is the ideal. How to properly understand the Mishnah and to strike the right balance Israel Prize Laureate and educator Dr. Adina Bar-Shalom Admission: 20 NIS Design: Micha Kirshner Mon. Mar. 25 9:00 PM My Story - The Great Albums Songs, Singers and Their Stories Danny Robas On theWay to Happiness (1989) Guitars: Ron Bunker Moderated by television and radio host Yoav Kutner Production and Artistic Direction: Monocrave Admission: 60 NIS | students 30 NIS Design: Niv Friedman See Under: Love David Gro ss man’s Book Performed by third year students of The Nissan Nativ Jerusalem Acting Studio At BAC: Mon – Fri | Apr 29 – May 3 8:30 PM (12:30 PM on Fri) & May 14 | Tues | 9 PM In Tel Aviv: May 30 | Thurs | 8:30 PM & May 31 | Fri | 12:30 PM Director: Bosmat Hazzan Costume/Stage: Tirtza Shatz Music: Noa Richka | Choreography: Aviv Avgi Admission: 50 NIS | students 30 NIS Ongoing Study Programs at Beit Avi Chai For Youth Spoken Youth Weekly study and poetry (spoken word) workshop for teenagers Gap-Year Volunteers Weekly study program for Jerusalem youth during their year of volunteer service Teachers Training Program with the Administration for Youth relating to issues of Jewish identity For Young Adults Face to Face Textual study of classical texts alongside contemporary thought and philosophy Sub-Text: In Search of Meaning A year-long weekly study program for young adults on issues of Jewish/Israeli identity Beit Midrash with the Nissan Nativ Drama School Weekly study sessions for second year drama students culminating with a production of David Grossman’s “See Under: Love” General Public Thinking Ahead: Morning Study Weekly Sunday morning study of classical and contemporary texts Evening Lecture Series Study of Jewish texts with Jewish authors and educators An Original Performance In Honor of Shabbat Halev Vehama’ayan | Akiva Turjman Rabbi David Menachem Admission: 60 NIS, students 30 NIS Purim. Celebration. Shabbat Photo: Ofir Deri, Hans Berman, David Mor Thu. Mar. 14 9:00 PM TwoQueens, One Scroll The Book of Esther: A New Israeli Commentary By Rabbi Mishael Zion , edited by Prof. Avigdor Shinan Book launch with Avigdor Shinan , Mishael Zion , Esther Shkalim , Shira Friedman , and Dov Abramson music: Gershon Leizerson , Amir Weiss and Meidad Cohen Free Admission, Subject to Availability. Tue. Mar. 12 8:00 PM DebatingOur Future An English-language debate with representatives of different political parties running for office in the upcoming Knesset elections Before you vote, come listen to the candidates! The program takes place in English Admission: 20 NIS Sun. Mar. 24 7:30 PM Photo: shutterstock & Beit AviChai Thu. Mar. 28 8:00 PM King A’hrele Resigns A Literary Musical Encounter A musical show with author Yonatan Yavin and reading of his book King A'herele Resigns With Sarit Zusman and pianist Moriel Hoffman Wednesday | April 3 | 5 PM Thursday | April 4 | 5 PM Age 5 and up Admission: 30 NIS per child Accompanying adult: 10 NIS Wed. Apr. 3 5:00 PM Illustration: Lena Goverman מפגש ספרותי - מוזיקלי 2019 אביב Lunar Legends: The King and the Frog A play for the month of Nissan The croaking frogs disturb the King as he tries to write poems. But what really disturbs him? Sunday | April 7 | 5 PM Monday | April 8 | 5 PM Wednesday | April 10 | 5 PM Thursday | April 11 | 5 PM For ages 4-8 Admission: 30 NIS per child accompanying adult: 10 NIS Sun. Apr. 7 5:00 PM Photo: Maoz Vaystooch Kicking off the Month Jewish Communities of theWorld Nissan: Istanbul Dr. Efrat Aviv on the glory days of 16th cen. Istanbul Jewry and Shira Ben Tzion , Israel’s former Deputy General Consul to Istanbul, on the Jewish community of Istanbul today Moderator: Yaniv Pohorylis Music: Gila Hassid and Uzi Rosenblatt Free admission, Subject to Availability Sun. Apr. 7 8:00 PM Photo: Courtesy of the National Library Collection of Jewish Marriage Certificates Lunar Legends: Wed. Nov 21 5:00 PM Photo: Dana Bar Siman Tov Apr. 10 8 PM Study Group - Lecture Series for the General Public Moses, Exodus, and Lepers Ancient defamatory writings described those who left Egypt, headed by Moses, as lepers driven out into the desert. From the Biblical story and Aggadic commentary, the sources seem to view this disease as an expression of social- spiritual faults. Is it? Educator Prof. Avigdor Shinan Admission: 20 NIS Spies of NoCountry Matti Friedman Award-winning author Matti Friedman discusses his just-released Spies of No Country – the breathtaking story of Israel’s first spies, the group whose undercover work laid the foundations for the Mossad The program takes place in English Admission: 40 NIS Wed. Apr. 10 8:30 PM Photo: Mary Anderson thetimes ofisrael & Beit AviChai Photo: Joel Kantor Mon. Apr. 29 8:30 PM exhibition Night Guard Joel Kantor – Photographs from Kibbutz Kfar Menahem Curator: Amichai Chasson The world of the Kibbutz comes alive in the frozen moments and scenes captured by Joel Kantor and his celebrated photography Free Admission. Groups must reserve in advance Thinking Ahead Start the week with an enriching intellectual journey into the diverse world of Jewish culture With Dr. Roi Horn , Emuna Alon and Prof. Avinoam Rosenak Sundays | 10 am – 1 pm Admission: (Sundays, March 17 – May 19): 500 NIS Photo: PR Study Group - Lecture Series for the General Public Dignity in Judaism, Dignity in the World First Session: Human dignity as the image of God that developed as a revolutionary alternative in Judaism and Christianity in the first century CE Second Session: The development of human dignity in modern times Lecturer: Dr. Orit Kamir, Director of The Israeli Center for Human Dignity 1. Wednesday | March 27 | 8 PM 2. Wednesday | April 3 | 8 PM Admission: 40 NIS for both sessions A Musical Performance for the Entire Family Shabbat on the Rooftop Script and Direction: Hanoch Re’im Musical Director: Yair Seri For ages 5 and up Morning Show: 11 AM Workshops & Show: 10 AM – 12 PM | 11 AM – 1 PM Afternoon Show: 3 PM Workshops & Show: 2 PM – 4 PM | 3 PM – 5 PM Show and workshops P u r i m a t B e i t A v i C h a i Purim-themedWorkshops: Boxes of Blessings | Weaving Good Deeds | Musical Workshop * Creating Good Wishes, Gifts and Cheer * Musical Journey for Children and Families Admission to Show and Workshops: 30 NIS per child | accompanying adult: 10 NIS